Come, Follow Me for Little Ones

“Come, Follow Me for Little Ones,” Friend, August 2020

Come, Follow Me for Little Ones

Here are some activity ideas for toddlers and young children that go along with each week’s reading.

Friend Magazine, 2020/08 Aug

Gospel Protection

For Alma 43–52

Read Alma 49:28 together and help your little ones say, “The gospel helps protect us.” Cut out or draw pictures to represent parts of the gospel—like scriptures, a temple, etc. Tape them to a plastic lid, piece of cardboard, or pillow. Then use it as a shield! One person could throw crumpled balls of paper while the other person blocks the attack.

Be Brave and Trust God

For Alma 53–63

Read Alma 57:27 together. You could also read the story of the stripling warriors on page FJ4. Then march together around the room like the stripling warriors! You could repeat the words “I can be brave and trust God” or sing “Called to Serve” (Children’s Songbook, 174–75) as you march.

I Can Be Strong

For Helaman 1–6

Read Helaman 5:12 together and help your little ones say, “Jesus Christ can help me be strong.” Make two piles on a table—a pile of torn pieces of paper, and a pile of small stones. Let your children try to blow the paper and stones away. Testify that Jesus is strong, like the stones. He can help us be strong too.

I Will Listen

For Helaman 7–12

Read Helaman 11:18 together and help your little ones say, “I will listen to the prophets and apostles.” Watch a short video of testimonies of the prophet and apostles at Teach your children the name of each person who speaks. When you see the prophet, help your children cup their hands around their ears to listen extra closely to what he has to say.