The Christmas Coins

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“The Christmas Coins,” Friend, December 2019

The Christmas Coins

The author lives in Ontario, Canada.

Friend Magazine, 2019/12 Dec

Illustration by Mark Robison

One winter night Janelle heard a knock on the door. She and Mom went to see who it was. Three people from the neighborhood stood on the porch. They played the guitar and sang Christmas carols. They were also collecting money to help sick children in the hospital.

Mom wanted to give them money. But she had nothing to give them! Janelle had an idea. She ran to her room and found her jar of coins. She had been saving them for a long time. The coins clinked as she ran back to the door.

“Here!” she said. “You can have my money!”

She dumped the coins into their box. The people said thank you and left. They were very happy. Janelle was happy too.

Then she looked at her empty jar. She sat down and started to cry. She had given them all her money. There was nothing left!

Mom sat down. She put her arm around Janelle.

“I’m proud of you,” Mom said. “That money will help sick children get better.”

“But, Mom!” Janelle said. “I was saving that money to buy you a Christmas present. Now I don’t have anything to give you!”

Mom smiled. “You gave me the best present of all.”

“I did?” Janelle asked.

Mom nodded. “Not all gifts come in a box. You did what Jesus would do. You helped someone who really needed it. That’s what Christmas is all about!”

Mom gave Janelle a big hug. Janelle was glad she could help people at Christmastime.