Family Night Fun

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“Family Night Fun,” Friend, December 2019

Family Night Fun

Here are some ideas you could use for home evening.

Friend Magazine, 2019/12 Dec

Photograph by Ashley Barnett

Song: “He Sent His Son” (Children’s Songbook, 34–35)

Scripture: John 3:16


  • Read “In the Footsteps of Jesus” (page 4).

  • Look at pictures of Jesus from the Come, Follow Me manual. Talk about how we can feel His love no matter where we are in the world. We don’t have to travel anywhere to get to know Him!

  • As a family, think of ways to stay focused on Jesus this Christmas. Then do a count-down activity from page 7.

Gelatina de Mosaico

This Colombian treat goes along with the first idea below.

  • Mix one large box of red gelatin, following directions on the package. Chill the liquid on a cookie sheet for 3 to 4 hours. Do the same for a box of green gelatin.

  • Once the colored gelatin is set, make a cream by mixing 0.5 ounces (about 14 g) of unflavored gelatin with 1 1/2 cups hot water. Stir in 1 14-oz. can (about 400 g) of sweetened condensed milk.

  • Let the cream cool in the fridge while you cut the colored gelatin into small cubes and put them in a greased Bundt pan. Pour the cream over the gelatin cubes.

  • Chill for at least 4–6 hours, carefully turn it over on a plate, and enjoy!

More Ideas

  • Learn about Colombia on page 12. You could make the Gelatina de Mosaico recipe ahead of time to enjoy after home evening!

  • Read “The Red Paper Bird” (page 18) and make the craft. Have a family member do a secret act of service for someone and leave the bird. Then that person does an act of service and leaves the bird. How many times can you pass the bird?

  • Read “The Light of the World” (page 2). Visit and choose a way to share the Savior’s light this Christmas!