Searching for Baby Jesus

    “Searching for Baby Jesus,” Friend, December 2019

    Searching for Baby Jesus

    The author lives in Colorado, USA.

    panel story of brother and sister looking at Nativity scene

    Illustrations by Corey Egbert

    The Nativity set is my favorite part of Christmas!

    See, Lizzy? It’s the shepherds, the Wise Men, and …

    Baby Jesus!

    You can play with baby Jesus, but you have to be really careful.


    A few days later …

    Where is baby Jesus?

    What are you looking for?

    Baby Jesus!

    We can’t find Him.

    He’s lost!

    Christmas isn’t ruined, and Jesus isn’t lost. He is always with us.


    I think I know …

    He’s with us in here.

    That’s right! The Nativity set is just a model. The real Jesus lives and loves us. We can feel His love in our hearts. Especially when we show love to others.

    See, Jesus is with us for Christmas after all!