For Parents of Little Ones

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“For Parents of Little Ones,” Friend, December 2019

For Parents of Little Ones

Friend Magazine, 2019/12 Dec

A new year is just around the corner, and that means Primary will soon welcome a fresh batch of Sunbeams! What can we do to help these newcomers from nursery transition smoothly? Here are some ideas from Primary leaders:

“We invite future Sunbeams to be VIP guests in junior Primary for a few weeks, and we sing songs like ‘Jesus Wants Me for a Sunbeam’ to help them feel comfortable.” —Michelle C.

“We have two teachers from nursery move up with them and be their Sunbeam teachers.” —Pennie L.

“We put together simple booklets for our rising Sunbeams of photos and labels of what to expect at Primary. It’s a strategy often used for children with disabilities, but we felt like all our kids could benefit from it.” —Laura P.

“While in nursery, have them learn actual Primary songs so the music in Primary is familiar. Teach them to sit on chairs or in a circle for a short lesson so they can get used to being attentive. A consistent, positive nursery experience is the foundation for Primary success!” —Kristi K.