In the Footsteps of Jesus

    “In the Footsteps of Jesus,” Friend, December 2019

    In the Footsteps of Jesus

    The author lives in Utah, USA.

    pictures of a girl and her family in Jerusalem

    My name is Mary. I live in Israel with my family. We’ve had many special experiences walking where Jesus walked long ago.


    One special place we visited was Bethlehem, where Jesus was born. Mary and Joseph had to travel about 90 miles (144 km) to get there from their home in Nazareth. We visited a church that was built in the place people think the stable was.

    We also saw the fields near Bethlehem. Shepherds still watch over flocks there, just like they did on the night Jesus was born. We could hear the baaing of the sheep as we sang “Far, Far Away on Judea’s Plains” (Hymns, no. 212). I’ll always remember how I felt singing that song.

    A River and a Sea

    I love going to places where Jesus walked, like near the River Jordan, where Jesus was baptized. When I’m at these spots, I walk around quietly near people who are worshipping Jesus by lighting candles and kneeling in prayer. I always feel in my heart that Heavenly Father and Jesus are happy when people show love for Them.

    We also saw the Sea of Galilee. It’s a beautiful lake where Jesus taught thousands of people and did many miracles. I could really feel the Spirit there. It has a peaceful feeling that tells me sacred things happened there.


    Jerusalem is a big city. On the Sunday before He was crucified, Jesus rode there on a donkey (see Matthew 21:1–11). People welcomed Him into the city by waving palm leaves and shouting, “Hosanna!”

    Every year on the Sunday before Easter, people follow Jesus’s path into Jerusalem. They carry palm leaves and sing songs about Jesus. One year my family joined other Christians on this walk. It was wonderful to feel the love people have for their Savior.

    You don’t have to walk where Jesus walked to follow His footsteps. You can follow His example anywhere!