Lost in the Amusement Park

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“Lost in the Amusement Park,” Friend, July 2019

Lost in the Amusement Park

The author lives in Utah, USA.

Friend Magazine, 2019/07 Jul

Illustrations by Garth Bruner

Stay close! We don’t want to lose each other.

Can we go on that one?

That might be too scary for Lilly. Let’s find one we can all go on.

Can we please go on the rollercoaster next, Mom?

Mom? Lilly?

I’m never going to find them!

I need to pray.

Heavenly Father, please help me find my family.

Can you help me? I don’t know where my family is.

Sure, don’t worry. Let me make a call.

Mom! Lilly!

Tucker! We were so worried!

Heavenly Father answered my prayer.

Hey, Lilly, wanna go on the bumper cars?