Elder Andersen Visits the Ivory Coast
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“Elder Andersen Visits the Ivory Coast,” Friend, July 2019

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Elder Andersen Visits Ivory Coast

Andersen, Neil L.
Friend Magazine, 2019/07 Jul

One of the first steps in building a new temple is a special meeting called a “groundbreaking.” Elder Neil L. Andersen and his wife, Sister Kathy Andersen, traveled to Ivory Coast for the groundbreaking of a new temple.

Elder Andersen gave a prayer to dedicate the land for the new temple. He and Sister Andersen gave talks in French, the official language there. Sister Andersen said it makes her happy that Jesus lets us go inside His house, the temple. We receive blessings there that we can’t receive anywhere else on earth.

Children used gold-colored shovels to help “break the ground” for the temple. Then construction could begin! It will take about two years to build the temple.

Right now members in Ivory Coast travel for 12 hours to get to the closest temple, in the country of Ghana. In a few years, they will be able to go to a beautiful temple in their own country!

Here’s what the temple will look like.

We Love to See the Temple

Here’s how children sing the words “I love to see the temple” in six different languages. Follow the line from each sentence to the correct language.

  • Me encanta ver el templo

  • Oh, j’aime voir le temple

  • Eu gosto de ver o templo

  • Jeg elsker herrens temple

  • Ich freu mich auf den tempel

  • Out e fia vaai I le malumalu