I’m Christian!
July 2019

“I’m Christian!” Friend, July 2019

I’m Christian!

pictures of kids learning about Jesus

Illustrations by Andre Ceolin

When I was baptized and confirmed, I took the name of Christ.

That means I choose to follow Him and try to do what’s right.

I’m Christian! I believe that Christ is God’s Begotten Son—

The Prince of Peace, Good Shepherd, Bread of Life, the Holy One.

I’m Christian! I read scriptures daily, learning of His life,

His miracles, His teachings, His eternal sacrifice.

I’m Christian! I want the world to know Jesus died for them.

Because He gave His life for us, we all will live again!

I’m Christian! When my soul feels hurt by sin or earthly cares,

I turn my heart to Jesus and I know He will be there.

I’m Christian! I use what I have to help my friends in need.

I try to do what Christ would do; I’m following His lead.

I’m Christian! I remember Christ the way He asked us to:

I take the sacrament each week and promise to be true.

I’m Christian! Even when alone, I show integrity.

I’m honest, brave, and virtuous. You can depend on me.

I’m Christian! I forgive all those who choose to do what’s wrong.

I welcome peace and friendship and help people get along.

I’m Christian! I love Jesus Christ with all my heart. It’s true!

It’s your turn now—please share what being Christian means to you!