Friends by Mail

“Friends by Mail,” Friend, September 2018

Friends by Mail

Friend Magazine, 2018/09 Sep

Feeling Peace and Love from Heavenly Father

Some of my friends have gone into Young Women, leaving me and another one of my friends behind. After the other girl turns 12, and when she leaves, I won’t have any of my friends in Primary with me. It makes me feel kind of sad and lonely.

I read the Friend from January 2017. On one page, it had mazes and pictures of people feeling different emotions like confusion and being afraid, with scriptures in the middle of each. I looked them up, and I prayed. Before I saw this, my heart was hurting a bit. But afterward, I felt peace and love from Heavenly Father. I have underlined those four verses, and I keep them with me in my heart.

Thank you for printing that. It made me feel loved and peaceful and that everything was going to be OK. I’m sure that the feeling has happened to others as well.

Robyn G., age 11, Utah, USA

Dear Friends,

Helping. Serving. Showing kindness. Every day Jesus did these things. And every day we can too! Find out the special way a boy named Lui helps people who don’t have enough to eat (page 12). And read about how Kaela found a way to be kind online (page 32). What do you do to help others?

Always be kind!

The Friend