Cole Helps the Baby Birds

“Cole Helps the Baby Birds,” Friend, September 2018

Cole Helps the Baby Birds

Friend Magazine, 2018/09 Sep

Illustrations by Thomas S. Child

Whoooo! Cole listened to thewind blow outside. Cole thought about the nest in the tree. He hoped the baby birds were OK in the storm. The next morning Cole ran outside. He looked up at the tree. No nest! The mommy bird looked worried. Then Cole saw the nest. It was on the ground. “Chirp! Chirp!” the baby birds said. Dad put a ladder against the tree. He carefully put the nest back in the tree. “Chirp! Chirp!” the mommy bird said. The birds were happy! And Cole was happy he could help some of God’s creations.

I Can Be Kind to Animals

Cole wants to help the animals. Match each animal with what it needs. What can you do to show kindness to God’s creations?

Bowzer the dog wants to play.

Cobble the cow needs to be milked.

Mittens the cat likes sleeping on soft things.

Dunk the duck is hungry.