Learn to Index

    “Learn to Index,” Friend, September 2018

    Family History Quest

    Learn to Index

    picture of birth certificate on computer

    Illustration by Bryan Beach

    You might have heard people talk about “indexing.” Indexing is looking at handwritten records, like birth certificates, and typing the information into a computer program. That makes it easier for others to find out about their family! Practice indexing by doing the activity below.

    Birth Certificate

    • This certifies that Jane Parke was born to

    • Lavinna Coltrin (mother) and Charles Parke (father)

    • On 19 September 1861

    • In Carson City, Nevada, USA

    • Signed Dr. Thomas Ridgefield

    Draw a line from each question to the answer on the certificate:

    • Who was born?

    • Who was her father?

    • Who was her mother?

    • What was her birthdate?

    • Where was she born?