Learn to Index

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“Learn to Index,” Friend, September 2018

Family History Quest

Learn to Index

Friend Magazine, 2018/09 Sep

Illustration by Bryan Beach

You might have heard people talk about “indexing.” Indexing is looking at handwritten records, like birth certificates, and typing the information into a computer program. That makes it easier for others to find out about their family! Practice indexing by doing the activity below.

Birth Certificate

  • This certifies that Jane Parke was born to

  • Lavinna Coltrin (mother) and Charles Parke (father)

  • On 19 September 1861

  • In Carson City, Nevada, USA

  • Signed Dr. Thomas Ridgefield

Draw a line from each question to the answer on the certificate:

  • Who was born?

  • Who was her father?

  • Who was her mother?

  • What was her birthdate?

  • Where was she born?