Backstage Prayers

    “Backstage Prayers,” Friend, September 2018

    Backstage Prayers

    Friend Magazine, 2018/09 Sep

    Illustration by Mercè Tous

    One of my favorite hobbies is Irish dance. I try hard to practice my choreography at home so I am ready to perform. I practice a lot, but when I am backstage about to perform, I get the backstage jitters. At every competition, my mom and I find a quiet place to say a prayer. Sometimes it’s behind a curtain or in a room off to the side. I know that it doesn’t matter to Heavenly Father where we are, just that we have faith in Him.

    At my last performance, my mom wasn’t with me to say a prayer. She was sitting in the audience. I got really nervous but decided that it didn’t matter if she was with me or not. I stepped away from my friends and said a prayer. I asked for safety as I danced and that I could do my best. I did very well that day, and I remember the feeling of peace that I felt as I walked on stage.

    We can always trust in Heavenly Father. No matter where we are or when it is, He always listens.