What’s on Your Mind?

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“What’s on Your Mind?” Friend, March 2018

What’s on Your Mind?

My parents are divorced. How will my family be together forever? —Worried in Wichita

Friend Magazine, 2018/03 Mar

Illustrations by Adam Koford

Dear Worried,

Having parents divorce can be really hard, and it can bring a lot of questions that don’t have easy answers. But there are some answers that may help with your worries.

Answer 1: Your family is actually much bigger than you might think. It includes your grandparents, cousins, and other ancestors stretching back for generations. Someday when you get married and have a family of your own, you can be with them forever too. And you’ll always be part of Heavenly Father’s family, no matter what.

Answer 2: If you were sealed to your parents, you are still sealed to your faithful ancestors who made temple covenants. This includes parents who are faithful to their covenants, even if they aren’t married anymore. We don’t know how Heavenly Father will work things out in heaven, but we know He will! If you weren’t sealed to your parents, you can still be sealed someday to your own family and to your faithful ancestors.

Answer 3: Heavenly Father loves you and both of your parents. He will keep trying to bless each one of you and help you all get back to Him. He can do great things!

Answer 4: You can pray to Heavenly Father anytime about anything that is worrying you, including this. He loves you and loves to send the Holy Ghost to give you peace and comfort.

We love you too!

The Friend

What’s on Your Mind?

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