Jackson Loves Easter

“Jackson Loves Easter,” Friend, March 2018

Jackson Loves Easter

Friend Magazine, 2018/03 Mar

Illustrations by Katie McDee

It is Easter! The sun is shining. Jackson is happy.

Jackson loves Easter because he gets to see his family and collect Easter eggs.

Jackson loves Easter because he gets to go to church and sing in Primary.

Most of all, Jackson loves Easter because it reminds him of Jesus. Jesus gave us the sun. Jesus gave us our family. Jesus gave us the Church. Jesus died on the cross so we can live with our Heavenly Parents again one day. He loves us!

Jackson is thankful that Jesus gave us so many wonderful things!

Let’s Learn about Jesus!

Point to the picture that goes with each sentence.

  • Jesus was born to Mary in Bethlehem.

  • As a child, Jesus taught in the temple.

  • Jesus healed people who were hurt.

  • Jesus taught people how to follow Heavenly Father.

  • Jesus suffered and prayed for us. Because of Him, we can repent when we make mistakes.

  • Jesus died on the cross for us.

  • After three days, Jesus lived again! Because of Him, we will all live again!