Ruby Gets Ready

“Ruby Gets Ready,” Friend, March 2018

Ruby Gets Ready

The author lives in Colorado, USA.

Friend Magazine, 2018/03 Mar

Illustrations by Jennifer Tolamn

Ruby didn’t like to put on her socks. She didn’t like to put on her shoes. She liked Mom to do it for her. But Mom couldn’t today. Mom was taking care of Ruby’s baby brother, Ezra.

It was Sunday. It was time for church. Ruby cried about putting on her socks. She cried about putting on her shoes. Her family was late for church.

On Monday night, it was time for family home evening. The family sang a song. Mom said a prayer. Ruby’s big brother, Danny, gave the lesson.

Danny read a story from the Bible. The story was about Noah. God asked Noah to build a ship. Other people made fun of Noah. But Noah did what God asked.

“When we choose the right, we feel happy,” Danny said. “When we choose the right, it makes Heavenly Father and Jesus happy too.”

Ruby thought about that. She didn’t feel happy when she cried about her socks and shoes. Maybe she could make a better choice.

The next day, Mom needed to go to the store. “Ruby, please put your socks and shoes on,” Mom said. “I’ll get Ezra dressed.”

Ruby started to cry. She didn’t want to put on her socks. Or her shoes. Then she remembered the story from family night. She could choose the right!

Ruby put on her socks and shoes. She brushed her hair. She put on her coat. “I’m ready,” she said.

Mom smiled. “Thank you,” she said. “You’re getting so grown up.”

Mom’s smile made Ruby happy.