Abraham and Sarah Made Covenants

“Abraham and Sarah Made Covenants,” Friend, March 2018

Old Testament Heroes

Abraham and Sarah Made Covenants

Friend Magazine, 2018/03 Mar

Illustration by Dilleen Marsh

When Abraham was young, he chose to learn about the gospel instead of following the bad example of his father. After Abraham and Sarah were married, God made a covenant, or promise, with them. He promised they would have children and that He would bless them. They were faithful, but Abraham and Sarah didn’t have children for a long time. Finally, when they were almost a hundred years old, they had a son! Heavenly Father blesses us when we keep our covenants, even if His blessings sometimes don’t come right away.

Abraham and Sarah

Abraham and Sarah made covenants with God and trusted in His promises. We can trust God too!

  • Memorize Genesis 17:4.

  • Watch chapter 8 of the Old Testament videos at scripturestories.lds.org.

  • Write in your journal about a time you chose to follow God even though a blessing didn’t come right away.

  • I can prepare for or keep my baptismal covenants by …