Surviving the Homework Jungle

    “Surviving the Homework Jungle,” Friend, September 2017

    Surviving the Homework Jungle

    Surviving the Homework Jungle

    Illustrations by Adam Koford

    Don’t be distracted! Put phones away, or at least out of reach.

    Get organized! Write due dates in a planner or calendar. Put unfinished worksheets in a folder so they don’t disappear.

    How do you study? Do you say things out loud? Do you walk around the room while you read? Do you copy your notes? Explore different ways to study to find what works for you.

    Ask for help when you need it. Sometimes your parent or teacher isn’t allowed to help, but you can always pray. Ask Heavenly Father to help you understand and remember what you’ve studied.

    Take short breaks and do something fun. You’ll give your brain a boost!

    Stick with it! Homework isn’t as scary as it seems. Good luck!


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