Finishing the Story!

    “Finishing the Story!” Friend, September 2017

    Finishing the Story!

    Finishing the Story!

    Illustration by Simini Blocker

    Last September we asked you to help write the ending to the story “A Gift for Lane.” In the story, Addie gives a copy of the Book of Mormon to her friend Lane. But the next day Lane tells Addie that her mom doesn’t want her to read it. What happens next?

    Addie and her mom pray about who else they could give a Book of Mormon to. Addie gives one to her friend Ben. Later, Ben recites a scripture from 2 Nephi to Addie.

    Kassy M., age 11, New York, USA

    I would tell Addie, “Sorry you feel bad. Sometimes when I feel bad I say a prayer. Want to say a prayer?” Then we’d say a prayer. I would also tell her to try again.

    Benjamin C., age 7, Utah, USA

    Addie’s sister tells her she did the right thing. She says, “Even though Lane didn’t read it now, doesn’t mean that she won’t read it in the future. Don’t give up just yet.” Then she says Addie could invite Lane to activity days or to their house.

    Ivy C., age 11, Idaho, USA

    Addie and her older sister pray. Then they make a list of ways Addie could share the gospel. After that Addie invites Lane and her mom to church, and they both come to church with her.

    Ruby F., age 11, Maryland, USA

    Addie’s older brother says, “Maybe you could set an example by being really nice to your friend and by being happy. Then she might want to know what makes you so nice and happy, and then you can tell her about the gospel.”

    Jack M., age 9, Utah, USA

    Addie could try to be a good example and also lend Lane a copy of the Friend.

    Eden E., age 9, Oregon, USA

    Addie’s older brother tells her that what she did was brave. The next day, Lane tells Addie that her parents changed their minds. They read the Book of Mormon, and the missionaries stop by their house. They feel the Spirit, and Lane and her family go to church.

    William G., age 11, Georgia, USA