For Older Kids

    “For Older Kids,” Friend, September 2017

    For Older Kids

    For Older Kids

    Illustrations by Brad Teare

    Dear Journal

    What do you love about nature? Spend time outside and write about Heavenly Father’s creations. Draw a picture or take a photo of what you see. You can even tape a dried flower or leaf into your journal!

    Think about It

    “If you cannot muster faith right now, begin with hope.”

    —President Dieter F. Uchtdorf


    Why couldn’t the pony sing his favorite song? See answer below.

    Family Hunt

    Ask your parents for old family obituaries. These are usually newspaper clippings that announce a person’s death and tell about their life. What do you want people to remember about you? Make a list of 10 things. Then upload the obituaries to

    One night as I was watching TV, a show came on that I had never seen before. I got a dark feeling inside. Then a very still, small voice told me to turn off the TV. After that I went to play a Primary song on the piano. I am so grateful that Jesus always answers our prayers and helps us to feel comforted.

    McKay H., age 9, Utah, USA

    My Haiku

    When I say my prayers,

    I feel the Spirit by me.

    I know God loves me.

    Brooke H., age 10, Minnesota, USA

    Quick Quiz

    Which of these was not one of the Three Witnesses of the Book of Mormon? See answer below.

    • Oliver Cowdery

    • Hyrum Smith

    • David Whitmer

    • Martin Harris

    • Answers: He was a little hoarse; Hyrum Smith