What Are Your Spiritual Gifts?
March 2017

“What Are Your Spiritual Gifts?” Friend, March 2017

What Are Your Spiritual Gifts?

Heavenly Father gives everyone spiritual gifts. What are some of yours?

Friend Magazine, 2017/03 Mar

Do you know someone who’s really good at showing love? Or someone who has a lot of faith in Jesus Christ? These are two examples of spiritual gifts, and there are many more. In the scriptures, we learn that everyone has at least one!

You might not know what your spiritual gifts are yet. But you can start looking for clues.

Color in the checkbox by the gifts you think you might have. (You can also talk to a parent about what gifts they notice in you.) If one of your gifts isn’t here, add it to the list!

  • Having faith in Jesus Christ

  • Having faith to be healed

  • Listening to the Holy Ghost

  • Learning languages

  • Teaching the gospel

  • Being wise

  • Recognizing what is right and what is wrong

  • Gaining knowledge

  • Believing others’ testimonies

  • Noticing if someone needs a friend

  • Showing love

  • Understanding the scriptures

  • Keeping a journal

  • Being a loyal friend

  • Being kind

  • ________________________________

  • ________________________________

  • ________________________________

Bonus Challenge!

Write about a time when you used one of your gifts to help someone.

Read more about spiritual gifts and why we have them: Moroni 10:9–18; D&C 46:11; 1 Corinthians 12:14–27

Remember that every good gift cometh of Christ.” —Moroni 10:18

“There are many gifts, and to every [person] is given a gift by the Spirit of God.” —D&C 46:11