Snacks & Crafts

“Snacks & Crafts,” Friend, March 2017

Snacks & Crafts

Have an adult help with this craft.

Friend Magazine, 2017/03 Mar

Potato Printing Press

The first 5,000 copies of the Book of Mormon were published 187 years ago this month! The printer at Mr. Grandin’s press spelled out each word with small metal letters called “type.” Then he covered the type with ink to print onto sheets of paper. You can print designs on cards, T-shirts, or tennis shoes with just paint and a potato!

From Golden Plates to a Priceless Book

Learn more on page 24 of last month’s Friend. Check your answers below.


  1. Joseph and Emma Smith rode in one of these to pick up the plates and take them home.

  2. A person who writes down words as someone else says them.

  3. Five of the people who saw the golden plates had this last name.

  4. Joseph Smith’s mother, __________________, believed her son when he told about seeing the angel Moroni.

  5. This Book of Mormon prophet buried the golden plates.

  6. Mr. __________________ owned the press where the Book of Mormon was published.


  1. __________________ Cowdery was the main scribe for the Book of Mormon translation.

  2. Joseph Smith used these stones to help in translating the plates.

  3. The Urim and __________________ were buried with the plates.

  4. The name of the hill where the plates were buried.