Show and Tell

“Show and Tell,” Friend, March 2017

Show and Tell

Friend Magazine, 2017/03 Mar

Filling the World with Love

This year we’re filling our map of the world with your loving hearts. Find out how to send us your heart on page 15!

When the Grossmont Ward, Santee California Stake, USA, had a temple activity, the Primary children listened to family history stories and ate temple-shaped cookies. Then they took name cards to the youth waiting at the temple to do baptisms. Over 720 ordinances were completed!

My mom does a lot for me, so I decided to look for ways to serve her and the rest of my family without being asked. It makes me feel good inside.

Elora O., age 7, Missouri, USA

My friend caught her neck in her coat zipper at school. She was crying, so I walked her to the office, where the nurse helped her unzip her coat and gave her an ice pack. I felt happy that I had helped my friend.

Ethan B., age 7, Minnesota, USA

Once I forgot my swimsuit for swim team. My coach found a bikini for me, but I remembered our family home evening on modesty. I kept looking and found a one-piece swimsuit. I had a great feeling because I was able to follow the prophet by staying modest.

Eden W., age 9, Massachusetts, USA

I play the piano for our sacrament meetings. I was even asked to be the pianist for the Primary stake choir! I’m happy that I can serve.

Malthine V., age 11, Pampanga, Philippines

My friend and I started playing football with some kids we just met at the park. They started saying bad words, which made us feel uncomfortable. We decided to go home and felt much better. I know if you listen to the Holy Ghost, you will be blessed.

Lucas H., age 10, Arizona, USA

Once I found a $20 bill at school. Even though I would have liked to spend it, I decided that it would be best to take it to the office. No one had reported that they had lost it, but I knew that I had made the right choice.

Janelle M., age 7, Illinois, USA

This year I am trying to be nice to a girl who has not been kind to me. It has made me feel like I am doing the right thing and helps me feel the Holy Ghost.

Lucy P., age 8, Wisconsin, USA