Toys in the Tub

“Toys in the Tub,” Friend, March 2017

Toys in the Tub

I wanted to put my new toy in the water. But Mom said no.

Friend Magazine, 2017/03 Mar

“But, Mom! Pleeeeease!” Mom had to understand. Putting the new toy in the bathtub was important. It was the home base. The underwater explorers needed it so they could rescue sea creatures!

“The explorers have to have a home,” Eli said.

“If you put it in the water, the stickers will come off,” Mom said. “That’s why I already told you no.”

Eli was standing at the door, holding his toy. He moved toward the tub. He really wanted to put the base in the water.

“Eli?” Mom said.

He stopped.

“Remember, choices have consequences,” she said.

“Consequences?” It was a big word.

“Consequences are good things or bad things that happen because of choices we make,” she explained.

“So something bad will happen if I put my home base in the water?” Eli asked.

“The stickers will come off. But something good will happen if you don’t,” Mom said. “It will last longer. And you will also know that you were obedient.”

Eli sighed. He thought about the home base being under water. At first it would be fun. Then the stickers would get soggy.

But if he kept it dry he could use it over and over. And the stickers would still be good.

Eli set the base down. “I’ll leave it here,” he said. Then he headed toward the tub.

“Good choice,” Mom said.

Eli smiled. It felt good to obey Mom.

And you know what? The underwater explorers still had an exciting adventure. Eli just had to dry them off before they went to home base.