Shine Your Light!
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“Shine Your Light!” Friend, August 2016, 36

Shine Your Light!

Friend Magazine, 2016/08 Aug

Being modest is a great way to shine a light for others to follow. It shows that you love Jesus Christ and are trying to follow Him. Color in the flashlights by the ones you are already doing. Which ones do you want to work on?

Talk to your family about ways you can be modest. Send us your creative ideas!

Modesty Means …

How I speak

  • Kind words

  • Not bragging or rude

How I act

  • Fits the time and place

  • Not showing off

How I dress

  • Clean and neat

  • Clothes that cover my body properly and are appropriate for the activity

How I treat my body

  • With reverence and respect

  • Keep it clean and healthy

How I treat others

  • Look for the best in others—don’t judge

  • Treat everyone with respect and kindness