Be Smart, Be Safe, and Have Fun!

    “Be Smart, Be Safe, and Have Fun!” Friend, August 2016, 24–25

    Be Smart, Be Safe, and Have Fun!

    Friend Magazine, 2016/08 Aug

    There’s so much to watch, read, and listen to. Heavenly Father has given us great guidelines, but a lot of choices are up to us and our families. Use this activity to help your family set good standards so you can be smart, be safe, and have fun!

    You’re playing online, and a small screen pops up. Do you click to open it?


    That’s not a good idea. Pop-ups and other ads can take you to pages you don’t want to go or can download harmful things on your device.


    Close the browser right away and tell a parent. You want to stay on good, safe sites. What are websites and apps your family likes?

    It’s almost bedtime, but you’re playing a fun game on the tablet. Do you take it to bed with you?


    It’s smart to leave phones and tablets outside bedrooms. This will help you not be tempted to keep playing and lose sleep. What are other “screen-free” times or places you have in your home?


    Your mind needs to rest and relax before you go to bed.

    You’re sitting in sacrament meeting and want to play on the phone. Do you pull it out?


    It’s good to focus on the people and things around us. What are other times you should keep the phone or tablet put away?


    You can draw or take notes while you listen instead. After church you can find good things like scriptures or the Friend, but check with a parent to find out if that’s OK.

    You see something online that makes you feel icky. Do you tell a parent?


    You could make a 10-minute rule with your family: if you see something violent, shocking, or upsetting, tell a parent or trusted adult within 10 minutes, or as soon as possible. No one gets in trouble, and you can quickly let go of the bad feelings!


    Telling an adult what you saw and how you feel about it is like letting go of a balloon and seeing it float far away, out of sight. You don’t have to carry the bad things you see with you.

    A friend posts an embarrassing photo of a boy at school. Do you re-post it?


    Don’t post or text things that would hurt or embarrass anyone. Do your part to stop cyberbullying by not passing on mean or embarrassing messages.


    You can also ask the person who posted it to take it down. Talk to a parent or trusted adult to help you or if the mean thing is about you.

    You’ve been watching TV for a long time. Watching another program or two won’t hurt, right? Do you keep watching?


    Does your family have rules on screen time? You could set a timer to help keep track. Remember that there are lots of great non-screen things to do. Read a book, use your imagination, play outside, or play with friends!


    It’s good to take breaks. Turn off the TV and do something outside or with other people. What are other fun things you can do?

    Congrats on reaching the end!

    Use this badge to remind you what you learned. You could also hang up a list of your family computer and game rules.

    Bonus Challenge!

    Use the words above to fill in the blanks. Check your answers below.

    Never post your personal _______________________________.

    ________________________ of websites when you’re done.

    ________________________ to fun, ___________________________ music.

    ________________________ chat with family.

    Have plenty of _______________________-free time.

    Don’t share your __________________________________, except with a _____________________________.

    Stick up for others _________________________________.

    Don’t ____________________________ programs or _______________ without permission.

    Share kind ____________________________________.

    Watch videos about Jesus at

    Learn a new _____________________________.