Courage to Be Kind

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“Courage to Be Kind,” Friend, August 2016, 14–15

Friends Who Stand Tall

Courage to Be Kind

Friend Magazine, 2016/08 Aug

Hi! My name is Rachael.

Bullying was a problem at my school. My friend Lexi and I decided to challenge the kids in our school to be kind!

How It All Started

When I was in fourth grade, I saw a friend being bullied. I told my teacher, but I didn’t do anything else. I wished I had been brave enough to do something more. My mom said if I prayed, Heavenly Father could help me.

A Prayer and a Phone Call

I went to my bedroom and prayed about it. Just as I said, “Amen,” the phone rang. It was my friend Lexi. She could tell I had been crying. I told her what happened at school and invited her to come over.

The Challenge for Kindness

I decided to make a chart to help me remember to be kinder every day. I called it the “Challenge for Kindness.” Lexi said we should make one for everyone in our class.

Sharing the Challenge

We made a presentation about the challenge and sent it to our teacher. She invited us to present it to our class. I was super nervous, but we did it. Now everyone in our class had their own kindness chart.


I still wanted to do more, so I sent our presentation to the principal. She asked us to share our challenge with the whole school! Now I really had butterflies. I said a prayer right before the assembly started. Lexi and I took turns talking about why people bully and what to do about it. At the end we both said, “We will make a difference! Together we will stop bullying!”

A Huge Warm Feeling

As I walked back to my seat, I had a huge warm feeling. Heavenly Father comforted me when I felt bad and prompted me to do something that made a difference. It felt good to know I had answered Heavenly Father’s challenge to be kind!

Rachael’s Tips for Standing Tall

  • Stand up for yourself, for others, and for what you believe in.

  • You can do more when you work together.

  • Be kind to others because it makes the world a better place!

  • When you feel bad about something, pray to Heavenly Father so He can comfort you and help you know what to do.