Micah Obeys

    “Micah Obeys,” Friend, August 2016, FJ2–FJ3

    Micah Obeys

    Friend Magazine, 2016/08 Aug

    Micah had a frown on his face. Mommy asked him to help set the table, but Micah said no. Daddy asked Micah to stop teasing his little sister, but Micah said no. Daddy said, “Micah, when you obey, it helps our family be happy.” Micah liked it when his family was happy. He went to the table. He put the forks and spoons next to the plates. Mommy smiled. “Thank you, Micah.” Then he gave his little sister a toy to play with. She smiled. Daddy smiled too. “Thank you, Micah.Micah didn’t have a frown anymore. It turned upside-down into a big smile!