Question Corner: Parents Arguing

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“Question Corner: Parents Arguing,” Friend, July 2016, 32

Question Corner: Parents Arguing

When my mom and dad argue, I feel very worried and sad. What can I do?

Friend Magazine, 2016/07 Jul

You can say a prayer to help your mom and dad get over their problem and hum some Church songs to make you feel better.

Addison S., age 10, Washington, USA

My siblings and I go to our rooms and listen to the Tabernacle Choir. This has helped us feel peace.

Ben M., age 11, Brisbane, Australia

You can pray to Heavenly Father. That always makes me feel better.

Hayden H., age 6, Alberta, Canada

To make them happy I would tell them funny jokes and tell them how school is. When they start laughing, I feel the Holy Ghost telling me I did the right thing.

Elena M., age 12, California, USA

Max: I would give them hugs and sing them a Primary song to remind them of Jesus.

Gabe: Make your parents feel better by drawing a picture of your family in heaven.

Max and Gabe C., ages 6 and 10, Kochi, India

I would pray to Heavenly Father and ask Him to help my parents when they argue so they can feel the Spirit and solve their problems.

Ethan M., age 11, California, USA

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