Funstuff: Detective Corner

    “Funstuff: Detective Corner,” Friend, July 2016, 37


    Pioneer Puzzlers

    Funstuff: Detective Corner

    Life was different for the pioneers in many ways. Here are pictures of some objects from the 1800s. What do you think this was? (Check your answers on page 39.)

    1. a barometer (a device to measure air pressure to help predict rainy weather)

    2. a candle holder

    3. a bottle to store ink

    4. a liquid-fuel stove designed to fit in a pocket

    And what about this one?

    1. a small musical instrument

    2. a tool to plant seeds in rocky soil

    3. a horn to call lost cows back to the herd

    4. a container to carry and pour out gunpowder

    These sunglasses belonged to someone in early Church history. Think you can guess who?

    1. Joseph Smith

    2. Hyrum Smith

    3. Oliver Cowdery

    4. Brigham Young

    • Answers: C, D, D