Bulletin Board

    “Bulletin Board,” Friend, July 2016, 17

    Bulletin Board

    Bulletin Board

    Play Fuchi!

    Have you met Ivana on page 14? In Colombia, where she lives, people often play a game called fuchi. The rules are simple—pass the fuchi to each other using only your feet. To try this at home, you could use a hacky sack, small ball, or balloon. What tricks can you do without letting the fuchi touch the ground?

    God Gives Us Good Food

    This vegetable might look like a fuchi, but it’s for eating, not kicking! This is a brussels sprout, probably named after the city in Belgium where it might’ve first grown. Three years ago, scientists used a special battery powered by a thousand brussels sprouts to light a Christmas tree in London!

    Ask Your Family

    What’s something you’ve learned from the scriptures lately?

    Temple Connection

    This is a picture of the temple in Bogotá, Colombia. It took 15 years to finish! Ivana said she likes walking around the temple grounds and looking at the beautiful plants there. What is special to you about the temple? Maybe you could help your family plan a temple trip soon!

    Cyber Strong

    If I receive mean messages online, I will tell a trusted adult right away.