Show and Tell
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“Show and Tell,” Friend, Mar. 2014, 38–39

Show and Tell

Friend Magazine, 2014/03 Mar

Kojun I. and Elijah S., both age 4, Pennsylvania, USA, memorized all of the Articles of Faith together this year.

Ittary V., age 5, from Mexico, is very obedient. She loves her family and likes to draw pictures of them. Her favorite Primary song is “I Love to See the Temple.” She likes to see the flowers at the temple. When she prays, she always tells Heavenly Father how much she loves Him. She enjoys Primary and tries to be a good example to her little sister, Ailime.


Repentance is a gift from heaven above,

Our Heavenly Father gave us with love.

We say, “I’m sorry,” and fix our mistake.

Then we feel peace to fix the heartache.

Repentance is a shower to make us clean.

It brings us closer to heaven, if you know what I mean.

Nelson B., age 8, Utah, USA

When I went with my father to the Buenos Aires Argentina Temple, I got to see many beautiful places and many sacred rooms inside. It was an open house, so for a few days many people could see the temple. Soon I will be old enough to enter the temple and do baptisms for the dead. I love Jesus Christ and my family.

Guido R., age 10, Argentina

I broke my arm while I was playing at school one day. I had to have surgery and stay in the hospital for two days. After I got out of the hospital, my mom and dad told me that one of my friends from my class had died that day. I was so sad because he was one of my best friends. My dad gave me a priesthood blessing. The blessing made me feel good inside. I am thankful that we know Heavenly Father will let us see our families and friends again.

Ethan L., age 9, Nevada, USA

One day my sister and I were playing outside with our friends. During the game one of our friends used Heavenly Father’s name in vain. My sister and I told her in nice voices that that was not a good word to say. Now all our friends know that we do not like saying that word. My sister and I felt warm and happy inside for setting an example of not using Heavenly Father’s name in vain.

Lucy and Eliza B., ages 5 and 6, Virginia, USA