Dear Parents and Teachers

“Dear Parents and Teachers,” Friend, Mar. 2014, back cover

Dear Parents and Teachers,

Friend Magazine, 2014/03 Mar

This month we can help children learn about the purpose of life. On page 41, Elder Russell M. Nelson teaches why we’re here on earth. Consider reading “Challenges Help Us Grow” (page 2) and talking about what to do during tough times. Or read “When I Grow Up” (page 28) and talk about goals.

Teaching children how to have a successful earthly adventure can be a fun and spiritually rewarding experience!

With love,

The Friend

Family Home Evening Ideas

Sacrament: Read “Sweeter Than Ice Cream” (page 12) and talk about why we have the sacrament. Watch a video at about Christ teaching about the sacrament. Read the poem on page 11, and then try writing your own poems using the instructions on page 24.

Feel God’s Love: Read “Does Someone Hear Me?” (page 18) and talk about the special relationship each of us can have with Heavenly Father through prayer. What blessings help us know that God loves us? Find more ideas for teaching this concept at

Jesus Christ Is Our Savior: Use “Bringing Primary Home” on page 42. You’ll find a short lesson, a scripture, and ideas for talking with your children. You can also find a simplified version of “I Stand All Amazed” on page 20.

Kindness to Siblings: Read “The Big-Brother Trap!” (page 4). Use “Family Fun Time” on page 6 for a fun activity and recipes. Have each child share something they can do to be nice to other members of the family.