Hi, I’m Tendai from Zimbabwe

“Hi, I’m Tendai from Zimbabwe,” Friend, Mar. 2014, 14–15

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I’m Tendai from Zimbabwe

Mhoroi, shamwari!*

Friend Magazine, 2014/03 Mar

Meet Tendai, who lives in the country of Zimbabwe. It’s in the southern part of Africa, and it has lots of animals, like rhinos, elephants, Cape buffalo, lions, and giraffes. But Tendai does not get to see these animals near his house since he lives near Harare, Zimbabwe’s biggest city. Still, Tendai is glad that these beautiful animals live in his country.

My favorite scripture story is when Nephi was commanded to build a ship. I hope that I can always have the courage to do what is right, just like Nephi.

My favorite part of Primary is doing the Primary sacrament meeting presentation. I like sharing my testimony of Jesus Christ.

When I’m finished with my homework, I help my older sister with her lessons. She has some challenges that make it hard for her to learn. I also like helping some of the other children in my school who have challenges. Some kids laugh at these children, but I never do.

One day some of my friends were playing in our yard. One of them said a bad word. The other kids laughed, but I didn’t. I told them it wasn’t funny and that we should not say bad words.

My family is very important to me. My two sisters and I live with our mom and our great-grandmother, Gogo. That’s how you say “grandmother” in our native language of Shona.

I Love to See the Temple

My family has to travel 13 hours in a car to get to the Johannesburg South Africa Temple.

  • “Hello, friends!” in Shona.