Poem: As I Take the Sacrament
March 2014

“Poem: As I Take the Sacrament,” Friend, Mar. 2014, 11

As I Take the Sacrament

As I Take the Sacrament

S is for the Savior, who died for you and me.

A is for Atonement, begun in Gethsemane.

C is for the cross that the Savior bore for us.

R is for repentance—God’s forgiveness we can trust.

A is always walking with His Spirit as our guide.

M is for His mercy—since He cared, for us He died.

E is for eternal life, our gift when we obey.

N is for His name that we take on us each day.

T is for a testimony—we partake and come to know

That Christ is our Redeemer, and our love for Him we show.

As I take the sacrament and recall His sacrifice,

I’ll pledge myself to follow Him and always choose the right.