Question Corner: Dangerous Dares

“Question Corner: Dangerous Dares,” Friend, Jan. 2014, 46

Question Corner

Some of my friends have been daring each other to do dangerous things. They say they’re only having fun, but I’m afraid someone might get hurt. What can I do?

Friend Magazine, 2014/01 Jan

If you’re scared that they will get hurt, then tell them that! They might not stop, but at least they’ll know that you care for them and you absolutely do not want them to get hurt. If they continue and go to larger problems, you’ll have to do something larger too. You should probably tell an adult.

Elle S., age 10, California, USA

I would tell them that they shouldn’t be doing it. If they didn’t listen, I would tell a grownup. If the grownups didn’t listen, I would pray about it and see what the Spirit told me to do.

Micah E., age 8, England

Being older, “truth or dare” is a popular game, though I do not play it. How I usually handle this is by, one, going to get a responsible adult, and, two, saying something along the lines of, “This isn’t cool.” It’s really as simple that! Just make sure to keep yourself out of those sorts of situations.

Payton A., age 12, Oregon, USA

You should tell your friends how you feel about the situation. Explain why it is bad and the bad things that may happen as a result.

Brooklyn S., age 11, New Mexico, USA

If your friends are daring you to do dangerous things, I think you should just walk away and go play with other friends. You could also say, “Let’s go play something else.”

Mason L., age 7, Utah, USA

First pray to Heavenly Father. Then tell your friends you are concerned about their safety and make up or play a different game. If your friends don’t listen, then maybe hang out and play with other people until they have stopped the dares. Just remember God will help you the entire way.

Nicole N., age 10, Nevada, USA

You can either walk away, or you can talk about it with them. You can ask Heavenly Father in a prayer to help you.

Evie L., age 8, Utah, USA