Dear Parents and Teachers

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“Dear Parents and Teachers,” Friend, Jan. 2014, back cover

Dear Parents and Teachers,

Friend Magazine, 2014/01 Jan

The back cover of the Friend is our new place for talking to you! Each month we’ll share teaching tips, online resources, family home evening ideas, and support for the topics children are learning in Primary. We hope this page will be an empowering resource to help you reach and teach the children in your life.

With love,

The Friend

What’s new in the Friend?

  • “Family Fun Time.” This new page goes with the first story in the magazine. It includes an activity and recipe, plus ideas for talking with your children. A great resource for family home evening!

  • “Friends around the World.” In 2014 we’re highlighting a different country each month with a photo story, a paper figure to cut out, and activities and recipes. Look for an article in the Ensign about the history of the Church in that country.

Family Home Evening Ideas

  • Scripture study: “Family Fun Time” (page 6) is about scripture study. This year children in senior Primary are studying the Old Testament. Use the scripture chart on pages 24–26 to study along with your family. Find other ways to bring your family closer to Christ at

  • Heavenly Father’s plan: You can use “Bringing Primary Home” (pages 42–43) to help your family learn about this month’s Primary sharing time theme. You’ll find a short lesson, a scripture, and ideas for talking with your children. A simplified version of the song “He Sent His Son” is on pages 30–31.

  • Each person is special: Read about two brothers from Mexico on pages 14–15, and watch “One in a Million” videos at Talk about how Heavenly Father loves each of His children, no matter where they live. How should we treat other people, even if they seem different from us?

  • Missionary work: Read “‘You Found Me, Bishop!’” on pages 2–3. Who can your family invite to church? How can your family help others feel welcome at church? Set some missionary goals.