Funstuff: Puzzle Page

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“Funstuff: Puzzle Page,” Friend, Jan. 2014, 10


Puzzle Page

Friend Magazine, 2014/01 Jan

Pioneer Puzzler

Life was different for the pioneers in many ways. Here’s a picture of an object from the 1800s. What do you think this was used for? (Answer on page 48.)

  1. a mold for making candy

  2. a button press

  3. a tool for fastening metal rivets onto furniture

  4. a portable wheat grinder

Friendly Fractions

This year in the Friend, you’ll be learning about friends from across the globe. What’s something else you can find all throughout the world? To solve the puzzle, use the fractions to find which letters to write down below. The first one has been done for you. (Answer on page 48.)

The first 1/2 of MILK

The middle 1/3 of KISSED

The last 3/4 of ZION

The last 1/8 of UMBRELLA

The first 1/4 of RIPENING

The last 1/3 of PLACES

M I __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __

What Am I?

On many farms, both large and small,

I am the morning wake-up call.

I’m not so big and not so strong,

But you can hear me all day long.

Solve the dot-to-dot to find out what I am.