Hyrum’s Primary at Home

“Hyrum’s Primary at Home,” Friend, Jan. 2014, 36–37

Hyrum’s Primary at Home

Friend Magazine, 2014/01 Jan

Hyrum and Emilee F., ages 7 and 6, from California, USA, like going to Primary. They like singing songs and spending time with their friends.

Last December, Hyrum and his family found out that he has an illness called leukemia. He needs special medicine to help him heal. It’s important for him to stay away from germs, so he and Emilee can’t go to Primary while he’s getting better.

But their Primary leaders found a way for Hyrum and Emilee to come to Primary, even though they can’t be there in person. Each week, the Primary secretaries set up a video call with Hyrum, Emilee, and their mom! On live video they can hear the lessons in sharing time, learn the songs for the Primary program, and be with their friends. Hyrum hopes he will be better in time for his baptism this summer. Until then, he is happy he can still be part of Primary.