Your Own Time Line
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“Your Own Time Line,” Friend, Aug. 2012, 46–47

Your Own Time Line

Time lines show us the order of when important things happened. They can show events from hundreds of years ago, a few years ago, or even a couple of days ago.

Page 47 shows a time line of the life of the Prophet Joseph Smith. Notice how it includes important events in his life.

A Time Line of the Life of Joseph Smith Jr.

December 23, 1805

Joseph Smith Jr. is born in Sharon, Vermont.


Joseph has surgery on his infected leg.


Joseph moves with his family to Palmyra, New York.

Spring 1820

Joseph sees Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ in the First Vision.

September 22, 1827

Joseph receives the gold plates from the angel Moroni.

Use the time line below for your own life so far. After filling in your name and the date and place of your birth, add other events such as your baptism and confirmation dates, family vacations, when you started school, when you learned to tie your shoes, and when siblings were born. You can also add small photos or drawings if you’d like.

A Time Line of the Life of

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