Serving Heavenly Father
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“Serving Heavenly Father,” Friend, Aug. 2012, 32–33

Serving Heavenly Father

  1. Kevin watched as his older brother and sister got ready to go to the temple to do baptisms for the dead. Kevin wanted to go too.

  2. Dad, can I go?

    You’re not old enough yet, but I’m glad that you want to serve. When you turn 12, you can go too.

  3. Kevin helped his sister pack her bag. Then he helped his brother pick out a tie.

  4. They left, and Kevin stayed home with Mom and his baby sister, Erin.

  5. When Erin cried, Kevin gave her a teddy bear. When she fell, Kevin helped her up.

  6. I know Heavenly Father is happy with the way you are serving Him today.

    But I didn’t go to the temple.

  7. Yes, but you helped your brother and sister get ready. And you are helping me take care of Erin.

  8. When you help other people, you serve Heavenly Father.

Illustrations by Elise Black