Show and Tell

“Show and Tell,” Friend, Aug. 2012, 38–39

Show and Tell

Connor B., age 7, North Dakota

Shawnee E., age 8, New Mexico

Simeon J., age 6, England

Aubrey J., age 11, Colorado

August B., age 12, Louisiana

I read the Book of Mormon out loud every day with my family before I go to school. This has helped me practice my reading. When I got my report card, I was the most advanced reader in my class. I know it is from reading the scriptures that I have become a good reader. It makes me smile when I read the Book of Mormon.

Caleb W., age 7, Wyoming

A few days before I started first grade, I was feeling a little nervous. We learned about priesthood blessings in Primary, so I asked my dad to give me a blessing to help me not feel so nervous. He did, and afterward I felt much better. I am grateful for the priesthood and that my dad can give me a blessing when I need it most.

Ellie R., age 6, Utah

One Sunday, my Primary teacher taught us about faith. She helped us plant sunflower seeds. I took mine home and planted them in the flowerbed. It took a long time, but we got a lot of rain and sun, and the sunflowers grew taller than our house! Our faith can grow big like the sunflowers. We need to pray, read the scriptures, and keep the commandments. My mom says that if I give my faith the things it needs, it will grow tall and strong like my sunflowers.

Michael H., age 8, Tennessee

We had a family home evening lesson on modesty. I learned that we should dress modestly to respect ourselves because our bodies are temples. I’ve noticed that there are many people who do not dress modestly. That makes me sad because they are not doing what Heavenly Father wants us to do. I want to dress modestly and try my best to choose the right. I know that it is the best way for me to be able to return to Heavenly Father.

Haley C., age 5, Indiana

Ethan S., age 6, California, is a great older brother to his two sisters. He also helps his mom in the kitchen. Ethan enjoys learning about animals. He has visited the zoo, and he likes to play with his dog.

Natalie J., age 5, North Carolina, likes to make new friends. She also has fun reading books and playing games with her family. Natalie likes to get letters from her brother who is serving a mission.

Cèlin T. and Corrine B., ages 9 and 9, Washington and Oregon, are good friends who like music and dancing. Even though they are miles apart, they try to keep in touch. The girls encourage each other to dress modestly and to keep their baptismal covenants.

Jacob L., age 7, Victoria, Australia, likes going to Primary. He has memorized the Articles of Faith. Jacob also likes math. He placed ninth in a national math competition.


Temples are great in every single way,

Beautiful and sacred to this very day.

Standing firm on their foundations

As a light unto the world—

Beautiful buildings being unfurled.

When I am twelve, I will go in.

There the Lord’s work I will begin!

Asiel V., age 11, Texas