Bulletin Board

“Bulletin Board,” Friend, Aug. 2012, 12–13

Bulletin Board

Good Word

This month’s good word is virtue. Having virtue means that you are modest and that you keep your body and mind clean and pure. Having virtue helps you feel the Holy Ghost and be a good example to others. It also helps you be strong and healthy. The word virtue also means “strength.” Find this word on page 16.

Missionary Moments

Even though you won’t serve a full-time mission until you are older, you can do things now to be a missionary. Here are some ways children like you have shared the gospel.

One day at recess I was talking to my teacher about my baptism. She didn’t know what a baptism was, so I explained it to her. I was happy to tell my teacher what a baptism was, and I felt the Spirit telling me I did the right thing.

Kanyon Z., age 9, Colorado

My stake president called three families from the stake to attend a branch. My family was one of the three. I was excited and sad. I was going to miss my friends in my ward. But I am a missionary now, and I enjoy my new branch. I know that we don’t have to be called on a mission to be missionaries. So don’t wait until you get called!

Kirsi G., age 11, Arkansas

Journal Junction

Each month this year you can write a little bit of your own history in your journal. This month write about your first day of school. Were you scared? Excited? What kind of school was it? Who was your teacher? You can ask your parents if you don’t know, and you can write down other details they remember about that day.

Ways to Be a Good Friend

  • When someone talks, listen! Don’t look at other things or play with your phone or MP3 player. Show you’re interested in what the person is saying.

  • Be supportive, not jealous. Sometimes a friend of yours might get something you want. Maybe it’s a new bike or a part in a play. Try to be happy for your friend instead of envying him or her.

  • Don’t gossip. Speak kindly about others. Be someone your friends can trust.

  • Be aware. Does your friend seem sad or angry? Don’t ignore it. Ask what’s wrong and offer to help.

Illustrations by Brad Teare