Scripture Ornaments
December 2010

“Scripture Ornaments,” Friend, Dec. 2010, 24–25, 43

Scripture Ornaments

scripture ornaments tree, top
scripture ornaments tree, bottom

Illustrations by Julie F. Young

Read a question every day in December until Christmas. Find the ornament on page 43 that has the same number as the day. Use your scriptures to read the verse on the ornament to find the answer to the day’s question. Then cut out and paste, tape, or glue the ornament to the tree on this page. By Christmas your tree will be full and you will have learned more about the birth of Jesus Christ. If you would like, have a parent open the staples and remove these pages.

  1. Who told Mary she would have a baby?

  2. Where was Mary living?

  3. Where did Mary go for a visit?

  4. What did Elisabeth and Zacharias name their son?

  5. Where did Mary and Joseph go on their journey?

  6. Why did they go there?

  7. Who gave the decree?

  8. What is another name for Bethlehem?

  9. Why didn’t Mary and Joseph stay at the inn?

  10. Where were the shepherds when they heard of Jesus’s birth?

  11. What did the angel tell the shepherds?

  12. What did the shepherds do when they heard the good news?

  13. Who did the shepherds see at the stable?

  14. What did Mary wrap around the baby Jesus?

  15. Who ruled Judea when Jesus was born?

  16. Whom did the king send to find Jesus?

  17. What guided the Wise Men to Jesus?

  18. What gifts did they bring?

  19. Who spoke to Joseph in a dream?

  20. How long did Joseph, Mary, and Jesus stay in Egypt?

  21. Where did they move next?

  22. What are some other names for Jesus?

  23. What is given to every person who comes into the world?

  24. How should we prepare the way for the Lord?

  25. What is another name for Jesus?