The First Christmas Gift
December 2010

“The First Christmas Gift,” Friend, Dec. 2010, 32–33

The First Christmas Gift

For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son (John 3:16).

  1. Christmas was still a few weeks away, but Turner and his family had already put up the Christmas tree. He was excited as he thought about the presents he hoped to see under the tree on Christmas morning.

  2. A few days later Turner walked into the living room and saw there was one small box under the tree. It was wrapped in red paper and tied with a green bow.

    Our first present! Who sent it? Was it Grandma?


    Is it from one of my cousins?


  3. Turner was confused.

    Well, then who sent it?

    You’ll have to wait and see. All we can say is that it is a very special gift.

  4. As days passed, more presents appeared under the tree, but Turner kept wondering about that first red present with the green bow. Where did it come from?

  5. On Christmas morning, Turner raced to wake up his brothers and parents.

    Wake up! It’s Christmas!

  6. After arriving at the tree, Turner was excited to see the presents underneath it.

    Turner, you may open the small box with the red paper and green bow.

    Turner was excited to finally see what was inside.

  7. Turner removed the lid and found a few small items. He pulled them out one at a time—a picture of Jesus Christ, a poem about Jesus’s birth, and a star. Turner showed everyone the picture, and Dad read the poem.

    I put the box under the tree so we could remember why we celebrate Christmas.

  8. Turner was happy to remember Jesus.

    Dad, you put the box under the tree, but now I know who really gave us this gift.


    Heavenly Father.

Illustrations by Adam Koford