Our Creative Friends

    “Our Creative Friends,” Friend, Dec. 2010, 38–39

    Our Creative Friends

    A Christmas Valentine

    Noses are red,

    Toeses are blue,

    We’re still in winter?

    I can’t believe we’re not through.

    Malaya K., age 8, Tennessee

    Christmas Touch

    I can’t touch Christmas, but it can touch me.

    The baby Jesus by the sparkling tree,

    Lying in the stall in the Nativity—

    With Mary fair and Joseph’s face,

    With the three kings filled with grace,

    Bringing to the baby small gifts from lands afar,

    Led there by a glorious, wondrous star.

    Noah K., age 9, Arizona

    Jaden J., age 5, Arizona

    Lauren C., age 11, Washington

    Tyler S., age 11, Oregon

    Ridge P., age 8, Alberta, Canada

    Alyssa C., age 11, Utah

    Quinn H., age 7, Georgia

    Sierra Y., age 7, California

    Nicole H., age 9, Idaho

    Wyatt H., age 6, Wyoming

    Katelyn S., age 10, Utah

    Hannah V., age 9, California

    Sam H., age 7, South Dakota

    Jacob L., age 6, Pennsylvania

    Lydia M., age 7, California