Say What?

    “Say What?” Friend, July 2010, 17


    Say What?

    These words may not seem to make sense, but if you say them out loud, you will hear the titles of Primary songs. Write the actual titles below the nonsense words. The first one is done for you. Find the answers on page 48.

    1. Chill drain olive earth he whirled

      Children All Over the World

    2. Thick old in play its

    3. Eye loaf too seat that him pole

    4. Lad her day pro fits

    5. Chew see rye tray

    6. Eye hoe pithy calm he awn am is shun

    7. Fame lees kin beet to get her fore have her

    8. Low fizz poke in ear

    9. Eye off tank oh wall king

    10. Won say their walls as gnome an

    11. Calm wee theme heat who prime hair he

    12. Dew a sigh am due ink

    13. Script sure pow her

    14. Holed ink canned surround they whirled

    Illustration by Mark Robison