Our Creative Friends

    “Our Creative Friends,” Friend, July 2010, 38–39

    Our Creative Friends

    Book of Mormon Prophets

    Lehi was a prophet; he obeyed the Lord.

    Nephi was one too; he obtained Laban’s sword.

    Jacob was his brother; he taught what was good.

    Enos was his son, and often did what he should.

    Benjamin was a king—a very righteous one.

    Mosiah then came next—he’s Benjamin’s son.

    Abinadi preached to a very wicked king.

    Alma the Elder, many people he did bring.

    Alma the Younger used to be very bad.

    Amulek saw people die and was quite sad.

    Ammon preached to Lamanites. He converted Lamoni.

    Aaron was his brother; repentance he did cry.

    Helaman led the Anti-Nephi-Lehies.

    Captain Moroni led many of the Nephites.

    Nephi was a prophet and was not killed by fire.

    Lehi taught with Nephi; he did not grow tired.

    Samuel the Lamanite said Jesus would come.

    Jared was righteous and left to new lands with some.

    The brother of Jared saw the Lord’s finger.

    Ether was good, and in the Americas he did linger.

    Mormon abridged the Book of Mormon.

    Moroni was the last and was Mormon’s son.

    Nicholas A., age 11, Arizona

    The New Guy at Church

    My stomach is churning

    As I start turning

    Toward the chapel hall.

    I start to walk

    Down the block.

    Wow, the church is so tall!

    I enter the door

    And the tie that I wore

    Is squeezing my neck so tight.

    Babies are crying,

    I think that I’m dying;

    I wish I could take flight!

    I enter Primary

    Though I am wary.

    I think I’m going through strife.

    But my mind quickly changes,

    My heart rearranges.

    I’m having the time of my life!

    Bryce B., age 11, Georgia


    Stinging bees and big shady trees,

    Sandboxes, scooters, and friends galore,

    The big, big sun, the hose, and lots of fun.

    Fresh-cut grass, barbeques;

    Flip-flops are my favorite summer shoes.

    All that stuff will soon be mine,

    But first, I have to wait for summertime!

    Kendra C., age 9, Utah

    Joey S., age 6, Nevada

    Rebekah S., age 10, Alabama

    Justin M., age 8, Washington

    Anthony G., age 10, Nevada

    Kate B., age 11, Oklahoma

    Oakley B., age 10, Wyoming

    Audrey L., age 8, Ohio

    Elias M., age 9, South Dakota

    Elise L., age 11, Utah

    Ben J., age 7, Utah

    Kay M., age 5, Utah

    Sophia A., age 9, Hawaii

    Ben S., age 7, Alberta, Canada

    Kristin B., age 9, Virginia