Guide to the Friend
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“Guide to the Friend,” Friend, July 2010, 48

Guide to the Friend

Possible Ideas for Family Home Evening

  1. Read “Dear April” (pages 8–10). As a family, write letters or draw pictures for a missionary, friend, or family member. Write about or draw recent events from your life, your favorite things, expressions of love, or anything else you can think of. Be sure to send your letters—maybe you will gain a pen pal!

  2. Read “The Language of Friendship” (pages 18–19). How did Jeff’s friendship with Will bless Jeff’s whole family? Discuss as a family some characteristics of being a good friend.

  3. Read “He Told Me, ‘No Way’” (pages 28–29). Role-play saying, “No way!” to offers of drugs and alcohol. Then read Doctrine and Covenants 89 and talk about why Heavenly Father gave us the Word of Wisdom.

  4. Read “Lead Me, Guide Me” (pages 44–45). Take a walk around your neighborhood and point out landmarks that can guide you home. Then discuss how the commandments are landmarks that can guide us home to Heavenly Father.