Brigham’s Right-Way Feet

“Brigham’s Right-Way Feet,” Friend, July 2010, 35

Brigham’s Right-Way Feet

rebus story

Illustrations by Val Bagley

Brigham’s feet were always going the wrong way. When he woke up in the mornings, his feet were on his pillow and his head was where his feet should be. Sometimes his feet ended up in the wrong shoes. Brigham walked in circles. “Brigham,” Mom said, “Your left shoe is on your right foot and your right shoe is on your left foot.” When Dad took Brigham to the library, Brigham’s feet made a clopping sound on the hard floor. “Shh,” Dad said to Brigham. “Shh,” Brigham said to his feet. On Sunday morning, Brigham dressed himself for church. He put on his pants and his shirt. He put his right foot in his right shoe and his left foot in his left shoe. Brigham walked between Mom and Dad on the way to church. He looked up and saw the church. He looked down and saw his feet. “My feet are going the right way,” Brigham said. “They are going to church.”